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HydroTrole PistoFramSeries AccumulatorsHydroTrole Accumulators
Instant and High Frequency Response

Diaphragm/Piston Accumulator
  • Instant and High Frequency Response of the PistoFram is because the diaphragm reaction time is not increased by the weight of any attached anti-extrusion device, nor the obstruction to fluid flow of a "poppet valve".

  • The hollow piston of the PistoFram is completely open to the fluid flow path, but when the piston bottoms, the diaphragm can not "see" the inlet / outlet ports.

  • Although the PistoFram is a flow-through "interceptor", the flow continues when the piston finishes its discharge stroke.

  • These advanced design features of the HydroTrole PistoFram to outperform even all gas bag "bladder" accumulators including HydrAcc accumulators.

  • For piston seal design see PistoLite Accumulators details.

  • Hydrotrole hydraulic accumulator pistons do not have to be prevented from hitting the end closure at high flow rates, because they have shutdown seals (4).


HydroTroleIndAccSeries AccumulatorsHydroTrole Accumulators
Hydro-Mechanical Pump Control Accumulation for Hazard Environments

Volumetric Accumulator
  • Multi-pump control without electrics is enabled by the HydroTrole IndAcc which can load or unload a pump within a 0.3 Bar / 5 PSI change and that ignores all pulsation and shocks.

  • The principle of the IndAcc is VOLUMETRIC control. Please see the Indacc pump system accumulator animation. Using a 6 Liter IndAcc with a 50 Liter nitrogen ("back-up bottle") cylinder, a 0.25 Liter volume change is equal to less then 1/200th nitrogen volume change, so that in a 1250 PSI / 86 Bar system, this produces a 5 PSI / 0.3 Bar pressure change. This is equal to a 50 mm / 2" telltale rod movement of the accumulator which trips one of a series of unlad valves.

  • There is no other system that can produce such fins stable volume and pressure control.

  • For piston seal design see PistoLite Accumulators details.

  • HydroTrole hydraulic accumulator pistons do not have to be prevented from hitting the end closure at high flow rates, because they have shutdown seals (4).


HydroTroleMagdAccSeries AccumulatorsHydroTrole Accumulators
Security of Know Volume Stored in Your Accumulators

Indicating Accumulator
  • Magnetic proximity switch volume indicating accumulator with telemetry ensures the volume in reserve is known at control stations.

  • This system is used extensively in the oil and gas platforms for shutdown valve actuator control. For emergency stand-by power, it is essential to know the volume in an accumulator regardless of pressure.

  • Pressure can't be a measure of volume accumulated. MagdAcc piston position is a sure method of monitoring standby emergency power supply.

  • As well as the surety of known volume in accumulator reserve, MagdAcc accumulators also provide THE method of infinitely variable flow from low cost reliable fixed delivery pumps, by "pump cascade accumulator control". Please see the MagdAcc accumulator and pumping system animation.

  • * Magnet shown symbolically is bolted to the gas side of the aluminum piston.


HydroTrolePistoLiteSeries AccumulatorsHydroTrole Accumulators
Advanced Design

Piston Accumulator
  • HydroTrole piston accumulators are advanced design, with reduced "stick slip" hysteresis, and best pre-fill gas retention.

  • Reduced "sticktion" is achieved by placing the gas seal (1) close to the oil seal (2), with minimal volume between them.

  • With small volume between the seals, compressible less than seal deflection, the seals can not squash and jam against the polished bore. The pressure difference necessary to accelerate our pistons is so small that their discharge performance exceeds that of gas bag accumulators for storage.

  • There is no differential pressure across the dynamic seals when the PistoLite is discharged, because the piston skirt sits on static seal (4).

  • PistoLite provides long pre-fill retention and highest flow rate.

  • (3) Graphite impregnated PTFE "glide rings"

  • HydroTrole hydraulic accumulator pistons do not have to be prevented from hitting the end closure at high flow rates, because they have shutdown seals (4).


HydroTroleHydrAcc Series AccumulatorsHydroTrole Accumulators
Advanced Design

Bladder Accumulator
  • HydroTrole "bladder" gas bag type accumulators have advanced membrane design.

  • The membrane is molded as one piece (1).

  • It is homogeneous, without any glued spliced "bonds".

  • Because it has no joints between multiple pieces of bag material, the formulations that HydroTrole uses have greater compatibility with system temperature and fluids.

  • Where your accumulator application needs reliability or replica watches the service is severe, the benefits of HydroTrole advanced design are a "must".

  • HydroTrole accumulator "bladders" (2) are further enhanced by the addition of anti-extrusion plates that are stabilized within a concave "nest" by tension webs, in the gas side of the bag.

  • HydroTrole hydraulic accumulator "bladders" replica watches uk are not driven against poppet valves that restrict flow rate and impose pressure drop losses.


HydroTroleSub-Bases for AccumulatorsHydroTrole Accumulators
Safety, Mounting, and Connection Options

Sub Bases for Accumulators


HydroTroleSub-Bases for AccumulatorsHydroTrole Accumulators
Safety, Mounting, and Connection Options

Dimensions Table


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